Why We Clean Your System’s Flame Sensor

When we come out to do your heating check, the most important thing we do is to check all the safety mechanisms your furnace has to ensure you stay safe.

Flame Sensor Check

One of the things we check is the flame sensor. Over time, your furnace flame hits the sensor and causes buildup. During your tune-up, we take some sandpaper and sand off all that buildup. If there’s too much buildup on your flame sensor, it will not be able to pick up the flames. When it can’t pick up the flame correctly, it will cause the safety switch in your furnace to go off, and your furnace will stop working.

Cleaning a customer's flame sensor

Safety First

This is a good thing! The last thing you want is for there to be uncontrolled flames in your furnace! But an even better thing is to have the heat sensor properly serviced so that it can always correctly sense the flame in your furnace.

Other Safety Features That We Check

There are other safety features we check, as well. Your furnace has some hot limit switches which also turn off your furnace if they sense uncontrolled fire. You also have pressure switches that will shut off your furnace if anything abnormal occurs. All these things work to make sure that you’re safe.

At Jaric, we are here to ensure that all those things keep working to keep you safe. Safety is the number one priority in our heating checks! We give you good quality products at a good price, but it’s your safety and the integrity of your unit that is most important. We will make sure you are safe and comfortable!

Your Next Step

If you need service, call or text (972) 423-1279. We are happy to help, regardless of whatever crazy Texas weather we get!