Why Dampers Are Always Included In Our Installations

When you get a new AC system, you are always going to want to put dampers in the supply collars.

We include dampers on our installations

What does that mean?

Take a look at the point where your ducts attach to your AC system. The side where your system is is called the “supply side,” and this is where the air comes from that then goes into your house. There’s another side called the “return side.” That’s the part that pulls the air back through your system. But for now, let’s talk about the supply side.

Where We Put Dampers

We always like to put dampers at the part of the supply side where your ducts attach to the system. This allows us to manipulate the air and where we want the air to go. The idea, and our whole goal, is that if the thermostat says 75 degrees, we want it to be 75 degrees everywhere in the house! So we use these dampers to manipulate air, to push air into places where we want it, or take air away from places we don’t want as much.

Your Next Step

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