When You Should Replace Your Ductwork

The Problem With Old Ductwork

Recently we took some old ductwork out of a house. The house was built in the 80s, and the ductwork was that old, grey material everyone used in the 80s. Many of you still have this type of ductwork. The problem with it is that after years of being exposed to the elements in the attic, this outer material dries out and becomes very brittle. When you touch it you can feel how brittle it is.

Jaric replacing old ductwork in a home

Sometimes it looks just fine, but when you start to work with it it just falls apart. Sometimes the outer material is already cracked and falling off, and you can see right through to the vapor barrier inside. The insulation around your ductwork is supposed to keep the air cool or hot until it gets to your vent and living space, but if the outer material is cracked the insulation can’t stay intact to do its job.

The Benefits of New Ductwork

The newer material we use in ductwork (and by new we mean in the last 20 years) doesn’t fall apart or dry out over time. The newer ductwork is silver, and you can easily tell the difference between it and the old, grey material of the 80s. If you have that 80s ductwork, it needs to go away!

Give us a call and we can certainly help you get your ductwork up to date and make your whole house more comfortable! If you think it may be time to update the ductwork in your home, please call/text us at (972) 423-1279.