How We Still Provide Service When It Rains

Sometimes people ask us, “Can you still do work when it’s raining?”

We certainly can! If we postponed all our work because of rain in the spring and fall, we’d never get anything done!

Service tech arriving at a customer's home in the rain

How We Keep Your Home Clean

We recently did an installation on a rainy day. We laid down drop cloths from the front door all the way to the attic. We don’t want to take any chances with getting your carpet or flooring wet or muddy! We also put our plastic booties on whenever we enter your house, whether it’s raining or not. We pick up all kinds of things on our shoes and we don’t want to track any of that into your home.

If it’s raining hard we can put up an awning or umbrella over the area where we’re working outside. Normally here in Texas, we don’t get a full day of rain. We’re much more likely to have rain on and off. We work around the rain, but we keep working!

Your Next Step

If you need service, call or text (972) 423-1279. We are happy to help, regardless of whatever crazy Texas weather we get!