Why a Full System Replacement Isn’t Always Necessary

A lot of our job as AC guys is to give our customers options on things. In most cases, we have good repair options, so we can fix your system rather than having to replace the whole thing.

Replace Components Only

But even if we have to replace one of your components, that doesn’t mean we have to replace everything. Probably 85% of the houses we service have gas furnaces with an electric air conditioner. There are three main parts to your HVAC system: a furnace, an outdoor unit, and an evaporator. The outdoor unit pumps freon to the evaporator coil.

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Replace AC but not Furnace

We recently worked with a customer who needed a new air conditioner, but their furnace was only ten years old. Furnaces can last 20 years! They had gotten quotes from two other companies who told them they would have to replace their entire system. This was not the case.

Factors To Consider

Customers should always weigh the pros and cons of their situation. Are you planning to be in the house for another 10-20 years? If so, it might make sense to go ahead and replace your furnace as well. But if you only plan to be in the house for another 5-10 years, it might make more sense to replace just the air conditioning side of your system—the outdoor unit and the evaporator coil. We can replace the broken pieces and mate the new equipment with your existing furnace. That will all work just fine, and you will save thousands of dollars.

Your Next Step

We always like to give both options. If it’s a viable solution, we will always give you both a condenser/coil-only option and a full-replacement option.

Give us a call at (972) 423-1279. We will find a solution that works for you to keep you comfortable in your home.