Is Your Furnace Out of Date?

Convection Furnaces

Sometimes we see old, obsolete technology in our customers’ homes. We just installed a nice, new furnace for one of our clients. The furnace he had was from 1987, and it was a kind of furnace no one makes anymore—a convection furnace. Many companies won’t service them anymore, and many technicians don’t know how!

Pilot Light

2022 11

This older furnace has a pilot light. Do you remember those? Furnaces used to have a flame that you’d have to light. No one makes furnaces with pilot lights anymore; they all have different ignition systems now. This old furnace was really just a draft hood over the flame. The combustible gas would ignite and then the heat would go up into the hood and then up the flue. The only reason hot air went up the flue is simply that hot air rises.

Our newer systems are forced-draft systems. They have a fan that forces the air through the heat exchanger and then shoots it up the flue.

Your Next Step

If your furnace still has a pilot light, you need a new one!

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