Reasons For Most AC Breakdowns

Lack of Maintenance

For most of our customers, air conditioning breakdowns during the hot parts of the summer are usually due to maintenance issues. We estimate that 80% of breakdowns are a result of a lack of maintenance.

What You Can Do

The good news is that you can do something about that! You can circumvent most problems by having the outside unit cleaned and serviced every year. It doesn’t make any difference what time of year, as long as you do it once a year. If you do it in September, do it again the following September.

Replacing a 4 inch filter in a customer's HVAC system

Filters and Ductwork

Have your inside unit serviced too. Keep your filter changed. You also need to make sure that you have the correct ductwork to move the amount of air for the filter that you have.

If you have the outside unit checked out, and the furnace checked out, and your ductwork is the right size, then you should have lower bills than your neighbors!

Your Next Step

Give us a call at (972) 423-1279 or click the button below if you have any questions about maintenance, or if you are having any problems with your unit.