Why We Recommend 4-Inch Filters

Every time we do a new installation for you, at least for units that are in the attic, we will always give you a new return plenum.

Return Plenum

What is a return plenum, you ask? The return plenum is the box with the duct that pulls the air back through your system, which then shoots it back into the house. With the return plenum, we always use a filter rack, and we always use one that uses a 4-inch filter.

Change Them Less Often

These filters typically last 6 months, which means you only have to change them every 6 months! Remember, if you have 1-inch filters you are supposed to change those every month, especially during the heavy air conditioning time of the summer. You will actually spend less money with the 4-inch filters, and you won’t have to change them as often!

We always recommend 4 inch filters for your home HVAC system


We recently installed a new system for a customer and set them up with these 4-inch filters. At this particular install, we also saw that the unit had ducts going all over the attic floor. We got those all hung up so that now they’re more free-flowing, and they won’t risk getting stepped on or crushed in the future. If we notice something is not quite right with your ductwork or your attic set up, rest assured we will help you find a way to fix it so that you can have the most efficient air conditioning system possible.

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