How We Use Technology To Get You Quickly

Here at Jaric, we like to use technology to help us be more productive and to make the whole experience better for our customers.


The most important technology tool we use is our iPad system, which manages all our dispatching and our invoicing.

We moved to this system about three years ago. Everything is done through the iPad, including processing credit card payments. But the most important thing the system does for us is it streamlines our dispatching and communications.

Using technology to better serve our customers

Communication is Key

How does it do this? For instance, when a customer calls in to make an appointment they’re immediately sent a confirmation email to confirm that appointment. Then when the technician is on the way to their house they tell the iPad that they’re on the way, and the customer gets an email and a text saying we’re on the way. Often we also call the customer as well, so they are getting triple communication! That way if they don’t see the text or aren’t able to get the email right away, they will still know that we’re headed their way.

Our Service Windows

We like to do windows of time for our service times because we can’t predict how long we’re going to be at some houses. We usually give 2-3 hour windows, depending on how busy we are. This way we are able to keep the expectation of being on time. It’s hard to do specific appointment times in our business because you can never be sure how long a job will take.

How Our Efficiency Keeps Our Customers Happy

Once we’re at your house we tell the iPad that we’re here, and it alerts our office that we are at your home. This lets the office keep up with us. This way if our dispatcher sees that we’re in McKinney on a job and another call comes in from McKinney, she can direct us to that call before we head out to another one, say, in Dallas. This helps us to be more efficient and to reduce the mileage and the time we spend driving. Driving around from job to job can take up half our time, so any time we can cut that down it helps our productivity.

If You Need a Tighter Window

Sometimes customers need a 30- or 45-minute warning before we arrive at their home. Our iPad system allows the office to keep notes on instructions like this. If you tell us this when you schedule your appointment, we can put that right in with your request so that our technicians know to give you the time you need.

It’s all about making us more productive and making your experience a smooth one! You can rest assured that when you call us, we’ll have a technician out to you as soon as possible, and you’ll know exactly when he’s on the way.