How to Protect Your A/C Unit From Hail Damage

When it hails, you probably think about protecting your car and your roof. Have you thought about protecting your air conditioning unit?

Jaric will make sure to keep your air conditioners clean and repaired no matter what storms may come.

How a Hail Damaged System Affects Your Home’s Comfort

Your outside A/C unit has thin strips of metal on the outside that bend very, very easily. When you don’t have a hail guard on the unit, these strips get dinged by hail and bent.

An air conditioning unit badly damaged by hail

Over time, many of them get bent. These dings may not look bad, but if you get too many of them the system can’t pass air through.

Your air conditioner won’t be able to cool as well, and it will be less efficient. It’s almost like you’ve covered your unit with a blanket; air just can’t get through.

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