Why We Don’t Pay Technicians a Commission

Many air conditioning companies these days are paying their technicians 100% commission. This means that when a technician shows up at your house, he gets paid based on how much he sells you.

A technician at Jaric AC & Heating working on a customer's unit

We’re Here To Help, Not Sell

We think that’s the wrong way to do business. All our technicians are paid by the hour, not by how much they sell you.

We ask our technicians to take care of our customers and fix what they need, and not find other things to “fix.” I have never had a meeting in which we talked about numbers, and how our guys have to sell more.

We Want Long-Term Customers

We tell our techs, “Just take care of the customer and make us look good.” When they do that, our customers stick with us!

With Jaric, you will always have a company you can count on, day or night!

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