How To Solve Air Flow Issues

One of the questions we always ask when we’re replacing a system is whether the homeowner is having any issues with rooms not getting enough air. Some houses have rooms that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter, no matter what.

AC Ductwork in a customer's attic


We can fix that about 95% of the time, just by putting dampers in the ducts to manipulate the airflow. This lets us take some air from one room and put it somewhere else. Our whole goal is that when you set your thermostat at 75 degrees, your whole house is at 75 degrees.

Duct Reworking

In some cases using dampers won’t be enough, and we will have to do some duct reworking. In previous blogs and videos, we’ve talked about these little square boxes that builders will use in ducts that are ultimately responsible for bad airflow. But like I said, in most cases, we can fix the problem with just a couple of bucks worth of dampers in the supply ducts that feed the rooms.

Your Next Step

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