How To Improve The Air Flow In Your Home

The Problem

We recently installed a new HVAC system for one of our clients. Their previous system was stacked vertically in their attic. The problem with this is that the way it was installed (20 years ago), only one room of their house was getting any good air flow! We are flipping their setup so that it is installed horizontally. Then we’re going to reconnect the ducts and the result will be even airflow throughout the house!

This house had never had good air flow, not from their current system, and not from their previous system from the 1960s. In fact, the homeowner says she never comes upstairs because there’s just no air up there.

Technicians work to improve air flow in this customer's home

Our Goal

Our goal is to get the air to flow evenly throughout the house. If the thermostat says 75, we want it to be 75 in every house. That’s the plan! Going horizontal allows us to manipulate the air a lot better, and the homeowner is going to be so much happier this summer!

What To Do If You’re Having Air Flow Issues

Are you having any trouble with air flow in your house? Give us a call at 972-423-1279, we’d be happy to come out and see what we can do for you!