What To Know About New Equipment Warranties

Many people ask us about warranties on new equipment. Warranties vary a little by SEER rating. Higher-end equipment tends to have a better warranty.

Two American Standard HVAC units installed by Jaric for a customer.

14 SEER System

The most basic system here in Texas is a 14 SEER system. We sell mostly American Standard and Bryan systems, and these usually have a 10-year, all parts warranty, and then Jaric will give you a 2-year labor warranty on top of that. This is the most basic warranty you will get with a 14 SEER system.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils also come with a 10-year warranty, and so do furnaces. The heating exchange parts of your furnace usually have a 20-year warranty, but the rest of the furnace has a 10-year warranty.

17 SEER System

As you go up in SEER rating to more sophisticated equipment, the warranties get better. For example, on 17 SEER systems the compressor has a 12-year warranty for the outside unit, and 10 years for the rest of the system. The furnace still has a 10-year warranty, but the heat exchanger will be a lifetime warranty. They can give these lifetime warranties because these days, heat exchangers don’t tend to go bad like they used to.


For anything higher than 14 SEER we give you a 3-year labor warranty. Most AC companies will give you a 1- or 2- year labor warranty. We made the change to a 3-year warranty on our higher-end equipment last year because we have trouble-free equipment! We try to align ourselves with very good equipment because we don’t like AC issues any more than our customers do! We also think that this equipment plus a 3-year warranty is the best deal for our customers.

Even If You Didn’t Buy Equipment From Us

If you don’t buy your equipment from us, or if you’re moving into a new house, we can still help you with warranty situations. We have accounts everywhere and we can warranty anything, even if we didn’t buy it or sell it to you. As far as parts and major component failures of any brand go—we can take care of you!