What An Attic Tent Does

Have you ever heard of an attic tent?

What It Is

An attic tent goes over the opening, where your ladder comes down, and seals the envelope between the home and the attic. This makes it more efficient to control the air in your home.

Watch How it Works

You can see how one looks and works by checking out our Facebook videos. When you watch our latest video, you’ll see how our customer tried to duplicate the effect of the attic tent by adding weatherstripping around his attic door. However, that doesn’t do nearly as good a job as the tent.

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How it Insulates

The attic tent is made of insulating fabric. We install a collar around the opening to your attic, and then the “roof” of the tent zips onto the collar. When you want to get into your attic, just unzip the roof! Then zip it again when you come out of the attic. This keeps hot attic air inside the attic and allows less of it to come into your garage or home.

Your Next Step

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