The Most Common AC Repair That We Do

The most common repair we do is capacitors.

What’s a Capacitor?

A capacitor facilitates the operation of the outside fan and compressor. The compressor is the part that pumps freon, or refrigerant, into the inside unit so that it gets cold. Without a working compressor, you can’t get cold air.

Jimmy replaces a capacitor in a customer's HVAC unit.

How We Know If It’s Bad

We can test your capacitor to see how well it’s working. We carry somewhere around 200 capacitors of various sizes in our trucks. If your capacitor is bad, we can usually just swap it out and get your cold air running again.

Your Next Step

If your air conditioner stops blowing cold air, give us a call at (972) 423-1279. If your capacitor is bad we can swap it out and help you get on with your (cool) life.