Is Maintenance Necessary for my HVAC System?

We are often asked if maintenance is really necessary. Maintenance is essential for the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. This is why we offer service plans for the spring and fall, to make sure your systems are ready to go for the heating and cooling seasons.

If You Don’t Have a Maintenance Plan

If you are not on our maintenance plans, you should give us a call and let us take care of you! We will make sure that your systems stay maintained throughout the entire year. We will also give you 15% discount on any of our repairs, and we waive our service fee for our service plan customers. This is a great deal and a fantastic way of making sure your home stays comfortable all year round!

Technician quickly repairing a customer's HVAC issue.

If You Already Have Our Maintenance Plan

If you are already part of our service plan, make sure you check your email and give us a call as soon as it’s time to get those tuneups scheduled.

Your Next Step

If you’ve had your furnace for over 20 years, this is a fantastic time of year to call us at (972) 423-1279 and have us come to check it out. We can do any maintenance it needs, and talk to you about your options for a new unit.