How To Prepare Your Heating System for Fall

Fall is here! This means we’re starting to do heating checks to make sure that your system is safe, and that it will work when the cold temperatures hit.

Turn on Your Heater

What can you do to make sure everything is working well? First of all, turn your heater on! Right now, we mean. We know that fall is just starting, the temperatures are still warm and you’re not really thinking about heating. But this is a great time to turn your system on to see if it works. Turn your thermostat up, listen for the heater to fire up, and feel to see if hot air comes out of your vents. It will smell funny, because of all the dust that’s been building up in there since spring. Plus the heat exchanger is getting hot for the first time in months and that smells some, too.

If you try this and your system doesn’t work, you can call us right now! What normally happens is that everyone waits for the first cold snap to turn their heater on. If it doesn’t work then, everyone is going to be calling us at the same time, and we’ll be very busy! We might not be able to get to you right away. We don’t want that! The best way to prevent this is to go ahead and test your system now.

An old filter that needs to be replaced

Change Your Air Filter

Another thing you can do to keep your system working well is to change your air filter. This is a great time to do that!

What We Check For Our Maintenance Customers

When we come out we check all the safety devices. That’s the main thing we do on our checks. Furnaces are very basic pieces of equipment, but they have a lot of safety devices. If something is not perfect it will shut off the whole system, because we don’t want the fire going if everything is not perfect.

So go ahead and check your system out now, while we’re not busy. If you have a problem, we can get it fixed before cold weather strikes! And then have us out to check all your safety systems so you’ll know you can run your heater this winter without any problems.