How To Fix Airflow Issues

We install new systems almost every day. And almost every day we find that we have to fix some airflow issue in the house where we work.

We include dampers on our installations

Move Ducts

Sometimes we find that we need to move some ducts around or rework the ducts. However, most of the time we can fix any airflow issues just by adding dampers.

Add Dampers

Many of the older systems that we replace do not have dampers. When we put in a new evaporator we will put in the collar for the ductwork and seal it with mastic, like we always do. But we add dampers. These are pieces of metal that we can move to block or direct airflow, as necessary. We can trim air away from some rooms, and we can make other rooms get as much air as possible. If we have dampers in every duct, we can easily manipulate the airflow in your home.

If your thermostat says 75, we want it to be 75 degrees in every room of your house. Dampers help us to make that happen!

Your Next Step

Do you have warm or cool spots in your home? You might have an airflow problem.

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