Fall Inspection-Maintenance For Your Furnace

It’s fall furnace inspection time!

When we do our fall inspection we do so much more than checking and changing the filter—although we do that too!

What We Are Checking

We also check your motors and your capacitor. Capacitors are rated in microfarads, and there is a little sticker on each that tells us what the tolerance is. We have to do a little math here, but if your capacitor checks out we leave it. If it’s too low, we will let you know that it needs to be replaced.

We make sure that your motor is in there nice and tight. We do not want the motor wobbling around inside the unit.

What We Clean

Another item we check and clean is the flame sensor. Your flame sensor detects the flame whenever the burners light up. This always needs to be cleaned off, just as a preventative measure. Sometimes your furnace flame will cut out, and we can trace the problem back to a dirty flame sensor.

One of the technicians at Jaric A/C & Heating working on customer's air handler.

Your Next Step

Now that it’s gotten cold out, we’d love to come out and give your furnace a tune-up. This is an important step to keeping your heater working and your house warm throughout the winter.

It’s especially important to call for service if it’s been more than a year since you’ve had your system checked out. It’s very simple for us to check out your system to make sure it’s working properly and safely so that you can stay warm all winter long!

To schedule your fall inspection, give us a call at (972) 423-1279.