Carbon Monoxide Detectors We Prefer

Do you have gas appliances in your house? Anyone with gas appliances in their house must have a carbon monoxide detector. Even if your home and all your appliances are brand new, you still need a carbon monoxide detector.

One of the most important tools in your home, a carbon monoxide detector.


There are two types of carbon monoxide detectors. One looks like a smoke detector, and it beeps when it detects carbon monoxide. There is no way to tell what the level is when your detector goes off. There may already be some amount of carbon monoxide circulating in your air before it hits the threshold needed for the detector to sound.

The other type is a carbon monoxide monitor, and this it the type that we recommend.

Why Do We Prefer the Monitor

A carbon monoxide monitor has an LED readout that tells you how many parts per million of carbon monoxide is in the air. We prefer these because when you use a monitor, you can see that it reads 0, and you can instantly see if that number changes. And of course, the monitor will beep if it detects anything.

Your Next Step

If you have any questions about carbon monoxide monitors and detectors, give us a call at (972) 423-1279 and we will help guide you towards the best selection for your home.