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Many people ask us about warranties on new equipment. Warranties vary a little by SEER rating. Higher-end equipment tends to have a better warranty.

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I know we do a lot of blogs and videos about filters. That’s because the number one thing you can do to keep your system clean is to change the filter!

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Often when a part of your system goes out, HVAC companies will recommend that you change out the whole system. Sometimes that’s a good idea.

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We still get a lot of questions about R22 and Freon. People often ask us, what’s the deal with Freon being so expensive lately? What’s going on?

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For most of our customers, air conditioning breakdowns during the hot parts of the summer are usually due to maintenance issues. We estimate that 80% of breakdowns are a result of a lack of maintenance.

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Every time we do a new installation for you, we will always give you a new return plenum. What is a return plenum?

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Filters are the #1 thing you can do to keep your system clean. You’ve got to change your filters on a regular basis!

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When you get a new AC system, you are always going to want to put dampers in the supply collars. What does that mean?

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When we come out to do your heating check, the most important thing we do is to check all the safety mechanisms your furnace has to ensure you stay safe.

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The problem with old ductwork is that after years of being exposed to the elements in the attic, the outer material dries out and becomes very brittle.

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