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One thing people always want to know is… how long do air conditioners last? How long can you expect yours to last?

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One of the questions we always ask when we’re replacing a system is whether the homeowner is having any issues with rooms not getting enough air.

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How do you know what size air conditioner to get for your house? When people call us to replace their system, they often tell us that they need a bigger unit.

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It’s still cool out, but the heat is coming! Now is the time to get your AC checked, before summer.

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Hi everyone! This time we want to talk to you about smells. Yes, really!

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An attic tent goes over the opening, where your ladder comes down, and seals the envelope between the home and the attic. This makes it more efficient to control the air in your home.

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Many of the houses that were built in the ’70s and ’80s still have the old ductwork, which tends to just fall apart in your attic.

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Many people ask us about warranties on new equipment. Warranties vary a little by SEER rating. Higher-end equipment tends to have a better warranty.

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I know we do a lot of blogs and videos about filters. That’s because the number one thing you can do to keep your system clean is to change the filter!

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Often when a part of your system goes out, HVAC companies will recommend that you change out the whole system. Sometimes that’s a good idea.

Read More about How To Save Money on HVAC Replacement
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