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What Happens When Your Forget To Change Your Filter?

Keep Your System Clean I know we talk a lot about filters. That’s because filters are the #1 thing you …

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Why Dampers Are Always Included In Our Installations

When you get a new AC system, you are always going to want to put dampers in the supply collars. …

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Why We Clean Your System’s Flame Sensor

When we come out to do your heating check, the most important thing we do is to check all the safety mechanisms your furnace has to ensure you stay safe.

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When You Should Replace Your Ductwork

The problem with old ductwork is that after years of being exposed to the elements in the attic, the outer material dries out and becomes very brittle.

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HVAC Referral Club

JARIC A/C and Heating Co. is pleased to announce our HVAC Referral Club, which goes into effective November 1, 2019. …

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How We Still Provide Service When It Rains

Do we work in the rain?? We certainly do! If we postponed all our work because of rain in the spring and fall, we’d never get anything done!

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What Should I Set My Thermostat To When I’m Not Home?

Should I just turn my air conditioner off while I’m gone? The answer to that is no!

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Text To Schedule Service

We are installing a system that will let anyone text the office to schedule an appointment!

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Water Should Not Be Dripping Out of This Pipe

It’s summertime! That means your air conditioner is going to be running a lot. And when your air conditioner is running, it’s going to be making water.

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Changes in R-22 Refrigerant and How This Affects You

Many customers ask about the refrigerants that we use. They hear that things are changing because of refrigerants and that refrigerants are being outlawed because of the ozone layer.

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