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Air Conditioning Allen | Heating Plano | Richardson | Dallas | Garland*****UPDATE 2/10/2012***** R-22 PRICING HAS TRIPLED IN THE LAST 30 DAYS. If your air conditioning system has developed a leak that requires recharging at the start of each cooling season, be prepared for a major price increase. The EPA has drastically reduced the amount of R-22 that can be produced by the manufacturers in 2012. As a result, Freon prices have shot up about 300%. The fill that cost you $150 last summer will cost you at least $300 and likely more this summer. As always we will offer you the choice of a simple recharge, but if you have had that "leak" for years it may be time to spend the money in locating and repairing that leak or replacing the leaking component all together. The industry expects the price to only continue to rise. Rest assured, we are always looking for the best price on R-22 so we can pass that on to our customers.